A Special Ring for a very special personStand out from the crowd and be different.

There is no need to settle for the standard, mass-produced ring available from any high street jeweller. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you too can have Unique.

No longer is a personal, bespoke service just for those with bottomless pockets. Our fantastic state-of-the-art systems make bespoke affordable (see Design Costs).

Julie will work with you so that you can make decisions in real time about all aspects of the look of your ring - from fundamentals to finest detail. In short, you can take a real and meaningful part in designing your own, perfect, forever ring.

A ring as Special as she is, and she’ll know just how Special she is to you. Who would not want that?


Designing a Bespoke RingAfter an initial discussion, which can be a phone call, we start with a design consultation with Julie. This is always by appointment, either in London or Farnham, by phone or online (Skype, Google hangouts etc are all good).

This in-depth discussion enables us to discover your ideas for your ring – but don’t worry if you are starting entirely from scratch or don’t have the first idea. We have lots of models for you to look at so that you can start to get an idea of what you do, and, equally importantly, what you do not, want.

On the other hand you may have sketches or photos, or a very clear idea of exactly what you are looking for in your ring.

Whatever your starting point, we begin with what you want, and listen very carefully to your thoughts and ideas, your concerns and priorities. We do not keep a stock of ready made rings for sale, so no-one is going to try to sell you just what happens to be in the cabinet.

From this discussion Julie will draft some initial designs, and we go from there. She will sit down with you and, together, go through all the variations and changes you might want to see to arrive at your Perfect Ring.

You can choose your own diamond or gemstone from our vast database, deciding on the very best stone to achieve the look you want within your budget. Julie will then create your final design using the exact specifications of your chosen stones.


Choosing your diamond or gemstoneOne of the best aspects of designing your own Bespoke Ring is that you get to choose the actual diamonds and gemstones you wish to use.

We have a massive real time database of diamonds and precious stones from which we can shortlist the best, and you can choose your ideal gem. We also have links with the best independent gem merchants to source any very unusual stones or meet very specific requirements (Pink Argyle Diamonds were a recent request).

We will discuss with you in detail the pros and cons of each stone on your shortlist, and guide you through the complexities of different certification bodies, as well as the minefield of diamond Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat weight. A summary of some of the complexities is outlined in Diamonds and Gemstones.


Making a bespoke ringAs you might expect, state-of-the-art design software is coupled with state-of-the-art making, so that you get an exact and faithful rendering of your design – which is even more beautiful when you see it ‘in the flesh’.

Each of the stages outlined below is undertaken by highly trained specialist craftsmen to achieve the highest standards of quality and workmanship.

Stage 1: The CAD file is sent to the workshop and used to create the initial wax model – either by 3-D printing or high-tech CAM milling. If your ring has distinct parts to it (eg a yellow gold band and a platinum mount) then as many models will be made as there are parts.

Stages 2&3: ‘Sprues’ are attached and a mould - or many moulds, depending on the design - made from the wax models. These are used to cast the components of your ring.

Stages 4&5: The sprues are removed, the components cleaned up and joined together, to create the framework for your ring. The metal is then polished up and finished to a high standard, and any specialist finishes (such as rhodium plating or texturing) are applied.

Stage 6: The stones are set. This is done entirely by hand (unlike mass-produced rings which are machine-set). Stone setting, especially of diamonds and some of the softer precious gems like emerald, is a highly specialised skill for which craftsmen train for many years.

Stage 7: The final polish and finishing. This is the point at which any personal engraving is added to your ring before it is sent to the Sheffield Assay Office for hallmarking.


Some examples of hallmarksYour ring is hallmarked at the Assay Office in Sheffield, giving you the final guarantee of the metal quality of your ring.

Each metal has its own set of ‘fineness’ marks, which form part of the complete hallmark. Hallmarks have three compulsory elements:

the Maker’s or Sponsor’s Mark – Julie’s mark is JPJ

the Fineness Mark - the type and quality of metal, eg 18ct gold is '750' in an octagonal stamp, indicating 75pc gold

the Assay Office Mark – Sheffield’s mark is the Tudor Rose

the Date Mark, a letter, is optional

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