Don't just fit into your frock - BE fit in your frock

Talking to Dom Thorpe, Personal Trainer and CEO of Wireless Fitness, London

Preparing for a wedding can be a great motivator to get yourself into the best shape of your life. On the big day everyone will be focused on you, there’ll be a photographer and videographer following you around, shooting from all angles and the images and videos will be displayed on your mantlepiece and shown to your offspring for many years to come. Not to mention all the old school-friends who’ll see the photos on your social media streams.

Getting married is right up there with 40th Birthday parties, 10 year reunions and health scares in terms of great motivators – and understandably so! Which is why it’s a great opportunity to make the most of a personal trainer and really focus on getting your best results ever - whether it’s looking drop-dead-gorgeous in that frock, or, for the chaps, just REALLY fit in your wedding suit.

SO, what should your personal trainer be doing for you to make sure you get the most out of training for your wedding?


How long until the wedding and what are the goals? With the big day as a deadline to work towards, your personal trainer will work backwards from there, factoring in specifics like slimming a waistline, building and shaping a bum or toning the upper back and arms.


As with all body shaping regimes, diet is paramount. You can’t out-train a bad diet so your trainer should concentrate a lot of effort on working out how to tweak your diet without making too much of an impact on your life. It’s got to be fun and it’s got to be do-able, there is no point in starving yourself – that is just counterproductive. A good personal trainer will know what will make the most difference with the least pain when it comes to what you eat.


Once you’ve established the important groundwork, you will need the right exercises designed to achieve your goals in the most time- and effort-efficient way. No point in making it all more agony than it has to be! Your exercise programme should be tailored to you and the parts of your body which need most work - Most Gain for Least Pain!


The challenging part of all this for any personal trainer worth their low-sodium salt is to get and KEEP you motivated. Preparing for your once-in-a-lifetime wedding alone is often motivation enough, but you will want them to keep you enthusiastic while still getting results. One of the biggest benefits is that they will carefully monitor your progress and keep you accountable to see you through to your dream body for the most import day of your life so far.

WHY IT'S ALL WORTH IT - And it really IS all worth it, here’s Hazel, one of Dom’s very happy clients: Dom did a fantastic job, helping me get to my target weight for my wedding and toning up my body, so I felt great on my big day. Lots of people have commented on how my body looks slimmer and more toned and my new husband absolutely loves it! I feel leaner, stronger and most importantly, I can now do 30 press-ups in a row! THANK YOU DOM! - Hazel Parkinson, Streatham, London

CONTACTING DOM If you want to get in touch with Dom to see how he can help you get fit for your frock - here are his contact details: DOM THORPE Personal Trainer and CEO of Wireless Fitness, London | m: 07972 672 379 | e:


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