by Stuart Kinghorn, Award-winning Videographer and Director of Confetti and Silk

Imagine you could rewind 40 years and see and hear your mother and father in their prime. Hearing your dad proclaim in front of multiple family generations what a wonderful person your mother is, how they first met and how she makes him feel. See your mother laughing and chatting with her best and lifelong friends in the morning, your Grandad’s reaction as he sees her in the dress for the first time, the tear in your Dad’s eye as he sees her walking toward him down the aisle. All because they have a professional and beautiful wedding film to watch over and over again.

Being the bride during the wedding day means that nothing too much happens without you present. The problem is because there are so many parts to the day itself you will have to make a special effort to not allow others to whisk you from activity to activity without a moment to take in what all the months of planning and hard work have created.

So, now it’s your turn, what should you be looking for in a videographer? Here are Four Top Tips and Three Common Myths to to help you.


Top Tip #1: Find a style you like

Videography or filmmaking, whether or not it’s a wedding is an art. For example, you might like Wes Anderson films - Grand Budapest Hotel – or you might find his style a bit fanciful. Every videographer will create a wedding film in their own way. During the day when they are shooting they will be thinking in terms of how one shot feeds into another in a finished film so there is a link. Each shot they choose to film on the day will have a reason – and it may not be immediately obvious. So…

Top Tip #2: Find someone you trust and believe in

A videographer will work best when left to get on with it. They should be confident enough to make suggestions to capture the best footage – such as where you should sit for the best light when having your makeup done. You need to trust they want the best for you, and will deliver something unique and individual to you, not standardised shots edited the same way they always do. Everyone has a style, but each film must be individual.

Your Videographer should be able to take control of the situation if things seem at risk of getting out of hand, and be ready to film all the important moments - like the first dance. The best place to find a good videographer is to search online, this way you can view their example videos and have time to take in all the elements such as shot composition, colouring and most importantly audio quality. Asking friends or your photographer, venue or planner can really help unearth quality recommendations too.

Top Tip #3: Don’t leave it too late

If your videographer is well respected and established they will be booked months in advance for the most popular dates. Wedding videographers fall into two distinct leagues - those that are booked based on their quality and those booked on price. If price is your key concern, you may be able to book your videographer the week before your day as there are so many in the market, the further up the quality chain you go the further in advance you should book.

Top Tip #4: Research your Format

Be clear about what format you want - the three most popular are Online, on a USB or the soon-to-be superseded DVD - and how long you want the film to be.

Most brides have no real idea for what type of wedding film they want - and why would you? You’re the first generation to have a choice of wedding films – 80’s style 3 hour long affairs have disappeared. The new trend is for a highly edited 20 minute film using highly specialised editing techniques to build a story from your day. More is most definitely not always better. You can watch a shorter sharper film many more times on the spur of the moment than you would if you had to schedule in 3 hours with your other half in front of the TV on your wedding anniversaries.

With the advent of Social media, it’s becoming very popular to share a 5 minute highlights film. These are super-condensed highlights which have to be masterfully cut. If it’s done poorly you won’t get the emotional feel from it that a great videography team can create for you.


Myth #1 Video is not discreet

It is now! The cameras we use now shoot in 4k Ultra HD but are actually smaller than most photographers, the only difference is that we usually have a tripod to keep our footage steady.

Myth #2 Photography is more important

That depends - the truth is, it is probably equally as important. Video can capture parts photos just can’t: Movement - the mouth twitches of the groom as he watches his bride walk down the aisle; and Audio -if you want to hear your Dad’s speech again how else will you be able to?

Myth #3 You can use your favourite music in your wedding video

You can, but you have to be careful if you want to share your video online. Youtube, Vimeo and many other hosting sites will pull it down for copyright infringement. We choose a track that mirrors the emotions and pace of your specific day, every day is different and so should be every song used on a wedding video. This also has the benefits of creating a unique piece for you rather than recycling the most played wedding track of 2015 in your video.


Relying on your uncle really is unlikely to get you a wedding film you’ll really treasure - it’s a serious job. When it is done properly, you will look back on it as an investment and be glad you got the professionals in. A wedding film is for life, alongside the photos it’s one of the things that won’t be used up on the day itself or forgotten about. Wedding videography is an investment in your future, not a drain on your wedding budget.


Stuart Kinghorn is the founding director of Confetti and Silk Wedding Videographers, an award winning film company based in central London.

They have a team of filmmakers and editors working together to bring their vision of ‘Beautiful modern wedding films’ to life. With a style sometimes described as Cine-doc their intention is to capture the key moments of the day in as cinematic a way as possible whilst maintaining absolute discretion during your wedding day.

Find out more in Stuart's Online Video Portfolio, or get in touch directly:



t: 07891 876 023

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