The key to choosing the right engagement ring is to understand her style.


Above all you want her to love the ring you give her when you propose.

If you want to make sure that you are on the right track to her perfect ring the first thing you need to do is understand her style. Two of the key mistakes many men make when looking for an engagement ring are 1. to assume it must be a diamond solitaire and 2. not pay enough attention to her personal style.

You may know her style well, but if you want to do a bit of research our Style Questionnaire may help.

Is she An Old-Fashioned Girl? A Girly Girl? The Modern Woman? The Sporty Type? No-fuss, No-frills? Miss Practical? Fashionista? A Hopeless Romantic? Rock 'n Roll? Big Rocks Rock? Plain and Simple? Traditional? Quirky? Eco-Warrior? ……. The possibilities are endless and the more you get a feel for the detail of her style, the more successful will be your quest.



These days a woman does not want a standard solitaire diamond – she wants something unique and personal to her, not a ring that a hundred other women wear.

Also, diamonds are starting to be replaced in popularity by more interesting Precious Gemstones like sapphire, emerald, aquamarine, tourmaline and ruby. When it comes to these gemstones you REALLY do need to know what you are doing - particularly what will last and what won’t.

But how do you make sure it will be a ring she will love? When you start to look you might conclude that making a decision on the right ring is almost as hard as deciding who you want to marry. And in the shops they all start to look the same – rows and rows and rows of generic white diamond rings in white gold or platinum. Too much choice and too little variety at the same time.


The four key areas where many people make mistakes when thinking about buying an engagement ring are over Timescale, Style, Budget and Research.

I cover these in more detail in The Engagement Ring Handbook - A Man's Guide. You can download the chapters free to read at you leisure.


While getting a handle on her style is the key, we women all know how hard it is. We appreciate all the thought and care you chaps put into finding us our perfect ring far more than any amount of money you might spend. So, if you are going to get it right, the first steps are to pay attention and do some research.

DOWNLOAD our FREE helpful ‘Her Style’ Checklist to help with that.

Here are some ideas which require increasing degrees of subterfuge.

Level 1 – Basic Check out her wardrobe – and I don’t just mean open the doors and take a photo of the racks of hanging clothes. Look at it. Take out some key pieces you know she likes and take photos. Casually compliment her on what she’s wearing, ask her where she got it and why she likes it. Offer to take her for lunch and a shopping trip one Saturday and take photos on your phone of her and the things she tries on. For that matter, take more photos of her in general, especially when you go out. Create a visual record of the colours she wears and the styles she favours.

Level 2 – Intermediate Take a good look at any of the social media she shares. Pinterest can be useful. It’s a great place to gather design ideas and inspiration, whether for a ring or a new building project. Does the social media she uses to share ideas reflect her values and the things she cares about, whether it’s saving the planet or the latest from the catwalks? Is there a clothes designer she loves but maybe can’t afford? Look at her ideas for interior design and decoration too.

Level 3 – Tricky If you can, take a look in her jewellery box, AND make a point of noticing what sort of jewellery she actually wears – photos are useful again. We all have some old jewellery which is only of sentimental value. Does she wear silver or gold, plain or full of colour? Is her jewellery small and dainty, or big and bold? Does she like traditional or modern; simple or elaborate; conservative or flamboyant? Does she wear much jewellery at all?

Aim to get a feel for her overall style. The more you look at what she loves and actually wears, the more you will develop an instinctive feel for her style, and the more confidence you will have in your choice of ring. All of this will help your designer get a proper feel for the person for whom they are creating.


Getting the right advice is the key to success. Commissioning a bespoke ring may seem daunting at first, and it may take you out of your comfort zone, but with the right advice, you too can get it right – and she will love it that you did!

Try your hand at identifying her style for yourself and Download our 'Her Style' Checklist. You may be surprised by how much you discover.


Julie PeelAnd if you would like some help translating all that information into a ring she'll love, you can start the ball rolling with an initial call to me at our Walton on Thames Studio on 01932 918189 or get in touch HERE to arrange a no-obligation chat.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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